Welcome to the South African NREN Login Proxy

This login proxy facilitates logins to many NREN services, and allows authentication via the South African Identity Federation (SAFIRE) as well as a number of social login providers. It also allows you to link an institutional email address to an account from another provider, which is useful for NREN services that need to verify whether you're a member of a South African higher educational institution or other eligible organisation.

Some of the services behind this authentication proxy include:

Test your login

If you wish, you may test your login to this service.

Login Test

Once logged in, you will see a test page that simply displays all the attributes we get from your identity provider, normalised into our own schema.

Manage your linking if you need to change the email address that is presented to services (for instance, to link one from your higher educational institution).

Manage Linking

Changing the email address will send an email to that account to verify that you own it.

About the South African NREN

The South African NREN is jointly operated by Tertiary Education and Research Network of South Africa (TENET) and the SANReN Compentency Area. For more information, please visit nren.ac.za.

This service provider proxy is maintained on behalf of the ZA·NREN by the SAFIRE operations team.